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µTorrent is a compact and powerful BitTorrent client. Holds little disk space and loaded in a few seconds. In comparison with other heavier programs , µTorrent is very pleasant to use. Minimized in the taskbar, it barely obstruct.

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The nimbleness of uTorrent , however, does not imply a lack of functions. uTorrent has all the expected of a complete client, like RSS feed, statistics panel, net asistants, auto power-off, task organizer and many other advanced options. Now, you can get uTorrent for free now!

Clean and great Interface

Each element of uTorrent´s window is perfectly positioned. The buttons on the superior bar are easy interpretation. It´s great!.

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The best bitTorrent client

In the opinion of many people, uTorrent is the best customer BitTorrent. Because it´s fast, easy ton use and it own a great interface.


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The best of uTorrent

  • Excellent graphical interface
  • Network assistant and web interface options Panel.
  • Low consumption of resources

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Do you need any more?

uTorrent software is really the best choice if you want a downloading Torrent software. Get uTorrent clicking down here.

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